Pointspace came to me with a name and a vague idea of a site, I designed an overall brand identity including a logo, and colour scheme, that was then expanded into a website, including a blog and later printed matter such as business cards.

The client was always involved with every step of the design and subsequent build process. I was then able to offer further help and and ongoing assistance with services such as setting up a blog, facebook page and email newsletter.

"I had a vague idea of what I wanted for the logo and general feel of the brand. I had a hard time expressing what I wanted even though I knew exactly what I hated. Alex took a look at the websites I didn't like and knew exactly what to design. The logo was perfect and the website stands out from others in our industry.

Alex is a great graphic designer and amazingly patient with picky people like me. I look forward to working with him again as my business grows."
- Ka Hang Leoungk, Pointspace.

Johnson & Packer

Johnson and Packer

For Independent property consultants Johnson & Packer, I constructed a Flash website. The brief was for an elegant easy to use site that would act as a brochure for the company's services. The site had a tight deadline and was constructed within days and utilises Actionscripting and effective animation.

Damon Fisher

Damon Fisher

For prominent designer Damon Fisher I built this website. The flat designs were converted into a Flash animated website with the animation pattern of the navigation mimicking the mechanical action of a slide projector.

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